e-Bionic™ is next-generation bioelectronics plant protection technology, for protecting plants from notorious insect pests that are very difficult to control using pesticides. Viz. The fruit fly, Red Palm Weevil, Serpentine leaf miners, Tea Mosquito bugs, etc.

eBionic™ are narrow-spectrum pest management devices. These devices are built using our unique active olfactory signaling communication system. Currently, it’s available for the management of fruit-piercing moths, fruit flies, and palm weevils.


  • eBionic makes use of olfactory and optical signals to lure and aggregate the insects of targeted Genus: Species.
  • It makes use of an active electronic system to deliver the olfactory signals.
  • It is 99.99% safe from the farmer’s perspective beneficial insects include carnivorous insects (predators), parasitoid, nectar-pollen feeding bees viz. honeybees, bumblebees, etc.
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