Why did we start?

So, the business idea started with the family background itself. Our families were involved in the farming business. While cultivating various crops on our farm we faced acute insect pests and synthetic pesticide toxicity issues with our farm, farmworkers, and dairy animals. These issues made us think about how to solve insect-pest management issues without the use of toxic pesticides. While working we realized that there is no viable and efficient solution available in the market for insect-pest management.

From that very moment, we decided to work on environment friendly, nontoxic, agriculture pest management solution to serve the most deprived global farming community by reducing their input cost of crop protection and improving their living condition by minimizing their exposure to highly toxic chemicals. 

How did it turn into a successful venture?

  • In the year 2001, we started studying entomology and research on the insect’s behavioral response. Within few years, we developed communication signals including vision, olfactory, acoustic, touch, and sensation to communicate with insects and alter their behavior in response to these communication signals.
  • In the process of developing AI-enabled insect communication technology, we built multiple prototypes and conducted trials in the laboratory and later in the actual crop field in different geographical regions and multiple crops.
  • After successful field trials for almost five years, we decided to make this technology and products available to the farmers.
  • To test the minimum viability of the product, we agreed to establish a quick and lean business setup named Microbiz Network India as a single proprietorship company in the year 2014.
  • From the year 2014 to 2019 we sold approx. 3500+ devices in the Indian and International market to generate sales revenue worth 2 cr. At this stage, we realized that the product is now well accepted by farmers, crop protection experts, and agricultural scientists all across the world.
  • To continue this business professionally and start mass production and distribution of these products across the globe, we established AI-GENIX INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD in the year 2019. 
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