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Our world-class R&D team –  works closely with customers to understand the pain points and improve the issues coming in their path towards crop management by helping them to keep their farm produce free from toxic pesticides residues and increase the yield by 30% or more. 
The initial research that was done by our team before launching the product was to focus on the major issues that need to be addressed:

  1. Ban on Pesticides
  2. Pesticide Resistance among insect pests
  3. Pesticide Pricing
  4. Input cost of crop protection

How we addressed these pain points?

  • BraveHawk: AI-enabled broad-spectrum solution for crop protection. exterminates 1980 plus types of; mainly nocturnal; insect pests harmful to crops.
  • SmartHawk: AI-enabled broad-spectrum solution for crop protection. exterminates 2170 plus types of; crepuscular, diurnal and nocturnal;  insect pests harmful to crops
  • eBionic: A narrow-spectrum solution for crop protection, designed to exterminate notorious insect pests; fruitfly, fruit piercing moth, Palm Weevils, etc;  that are difficult to control using conventional pesticides
  • CrawlTrap: A dual-sided adhesive trap. This is a non-toxic method to control and monitor all crawling insect pests Viz mealybug, ants, giant-scale -drosicha corpulent, apocheima cinerarius erschoff, spiders, lygus, thrips, and leaf miners, etc.
  • Post-deployment of our crop protection solution there is no need of spraying insecticides, and further drastically cut down the need for other pesticides includes fungicides, bactericides, and virucides.
  • Protects crops from damage caused by insects feeding and fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases.
  • Automates active crop protection over 365 days a year and saves big money on manpower needed for protecting crops in conventional farming.
  • Our crop protection solutions are highly safe for beneficial insects including predatory insects, parasitoids, and nectar-pollen feeding bees like honeybees, bumblebees, carpenter bees, etc.
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