Earlier five years back when I started cultivation of pomegranates conventionally, I was solely dependent on chemical pesticides for protecting my orchard. By then the cost incurred to me on the crop protection was more than Rs 70K (USD 1000) per acre per year. Now, I completely rely on the BraveHawk crop protection device to protect my pomegranate orchard from insect-pest attacks and diseases. Protecting my pomegranate crop has never been so easy.

Sachin Deshmukh 

(Organic Farmer & Textile Engineer, Maharashtra)

For the past several decades, I am growing various kinds of vegetables and herbs. Conventionally to protect my crop, I was completely relied on pesticides and ended-up in spending a huge sum of money, almost 30% to 40% of sales revenue. Now, the deployment of BraveHawk supporting me to save 95% plus cost on crop protection from the past two years. My overall yield increased by 35% compared to the past. My decision of deploying AIPMD for crop protection proved fruitful.

Nitin Gaikwad

(Vegetables and Herbs Grower, Maharashtra)

I am a grower of rice and chilies, chemical pesticides were the only option available to protect the crops, but day by day protecting crops using pesticides became very difficult due to resistance developed by insect pests against most of the pesticides. Despite spending a significant amount of money, I couldn’t able to manage the damage caused to crop by an insect pest infestation. Last year, I deployed five BraveHawk devices on a trial basis on my farm and I found that these devices are quite efficient for crop protection. Now, this year I am buying more devices to deploy them across my entire farm. 

Sudarshan Reddy 

(Chilli & Tomatoes grower, Telangana)

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